Official MBF Score Sheets

All Players – Please Read & Heed

In order for league standings to be posted and correct, Official MBF score sheets must be submitted for each scheduled match immediately following the conclusion of the match.

Each team Capo is responsible for submitting a score sheet after each match. The score sheet must be completely filled out and legible. You must include the date of play, the division designation, the team name and team number, and both Capos signature confirming the final score.

It is not the league scorekeeper’s job to fill-in missing blanks, to phone for scores or track down missing score sheets. It is assumed that if you do not care enough to take the little bit of time to fill in the score sheet correctly and submit as required, then you do not care about your league standing.

Although the winning team is responsible for submitting the completed (and signed) score sheet after each match, both team’s Capo’s are ultimately responsible for missing score sheets.

Penalties Will Be Levied for Incorrect or Missing Score Sheets

Incomplete Score Sheets

Both teams may lose 1 game (1 game from the win column Added to the loss column).

Missing Score Sheets

Both teams will have zero (0) games recorded for that date.

If a team FORFEITS a match for any reasons other than an official MBF cancellation, the “winning” team must still submit a score sheet for the forfeited night of play. The forfeiting team’s signature is not required in this instance. NOTE: Rule XII will be enforced.

Score sheets are picked up daily, and league standings are compiled on the weekend and posted in the league showcase at the bocce courts on Monday.

If you have any questions on how to keep score, or how to properly complete the score sheet, please ask for help. The Board of Directors is here to help and will assist you with any concerns. Enjoy a great year of Bocce in the Best Bocce League in the USA.