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Martinez Bocce Federation

The Martinez Bocce Federation is the largest bocce club in the United States with over 2,400 members playing on 15 courts.


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Bocce ball 4th of July tournament
Bocce ball player rolling a bocce ball
Bocce ball 4th of July tournament

How to Join the MBF

Our league is extremely popular. It’s difficult but far from impossible to join. Each February returning teams sign up. We usually have a few openings for teams each year. Those can be filled by coming to the clubhouse at the courts after returning teams have registered. Watch our website in early February for dates, times, and instructions.

Many players have joined teams by simply playing down at the courts outside of league play and meeting MBF members who may have an opening on a team. All weekdays except for Thursdays are open until 5:00 pm. Some Saturdays are also open as well as every Sunday until 4:00 pm. It’s a great way to meet members and learn the game. You will find even the best players ready to teach you the finer points of the game. Please stay off courts with orange cones.

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About Martinez Bocce Federation

Martinez, CA is home to the largest bocce ball league in the United States with 2,400 members, 15 courts, playing six days a week. Martinez Bocce Federation operates the world’s largest bocce facility, and hosts one of the nation’s largest tournaments annually. 

As the nation’s largest bocce federation, we have been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunset Magazine, as well as local and national television news. Our members have traveled the globe promoting and playing the sport of bocce. 

Corporate Partnerships

Bocce crosses all demographics and translates well to any product or service. As the nation’s largest group, our website is viewed by people from all over the country. As our group approaches its 50th year, we remain financially sound and well organized.
Our members travel the world playing and promoting the sport. We look forward to hosting the nation’s largest event in 2023! Our group is confident we can achieve more together than apart! Please contact Commissioner Greg Travers for partnership opportunities.
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48 Years of Commitment to the Sport of Bocce

We are committed to the sport of bocce as well as local and national community service groups. We are a unique nonprofit that helps other nonprofits raise funds. Bocce crosses all demographics and our group stresses community service for both local and national organizations.

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